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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We are proud to launch our new site and hope you like its new look.  While many of our most-used features are in a similar place on the new site, a few have moved. 

  • Student Canvas - All students will go to the backpack on the top icon row just beneath the sliding photos.  The backpack takes them to a landing page with Canvas, as well as links to their elementary, middle or high school resource pages with all their commonly used links. Parent Canvas is adjacent to the backpack.
  • Translation feature - This can be found in the very top left corner in the black bar.  Choose a language from the drop-down menu and it will translate all text on the page.  It will not translate images or PDF files.
  • Links to social media - Top left corner in the black bar, next to translation.
  • Job openings - Look in the top right in the white bar.
  • Employee link to intranet - Employees tab on the top navigation bar of the CCSD home page.
  • I Need Help With… - Quick Links at the top navigation bar
  • Enroll New Student - Top navigation bar

We used parent feedback to drive the placement of our most popular resources and information as part of the design process.  We scaled back the 24 buttons on the home page to 12 of our most often used and relocated a couple of them to the navigation bar; additional buttons/links are located next to the social media feeds lower on the page.  Each school website has a similar composition.

The CCSD website (and all 40 school websites) comprise more than 5,000 webpages.  We know it will not be perfect on launch day, despite a lot of staff hours invested by many people.  Please let us know if you find a broken link, a 404 error or cannot find a page or document you were able to access on our former site.  Email your information to